Blizzard of 2013

Samantha Stratton

Where were you hiding out Friday the 8th, the weekend of the Blizzard!resizejpeg

Over the weekend New England experienced one of the worst snow storms in a long time. Totals varied around the north east in snow totals between 1-3 feet also including snow drift. Wow!

Even though the snow is now melting away when it was here some may say that it was a nightmare! Shoveling 2 feet of snow out of your driveway is not fun! Also during most of Friday and Saturday afternoon there was a driving ban that didn’t end until Saturday at 4pm. So everyone was really stuck at home!

Many different areas down the Cape experienced a much more serious issue than the people of Massachusetts. They had floods and many families had to evacuate from their homes to stay safe. There were also shelters for people who were not able to stay in their homes. Many people near the coast lost power but we were lucky enough that no one here in Franklin really had any serious damage or power outages.

This storm was one of the biggest storms that we have seen in a long time.

There are ten blizzards that had the worst impact on citizens and locations.

10. The Great Blizzard of 1899

9. The Great Storm of 1975

8. Blizzard of 1999

7. The Knickerbocker Storm, 1922

6. Armistice Day Blizzard, 1940

5. The Schoolhouse Blizzard, 1888

4. The Great Lakes Storm, 1913

3. The Storm of the Century, 1993

2. The Great Appalachian Storm of 1950

1. The Blizzard of 1888

Remember for the remainder of the winter stay warm and stay safe!