The Liberal Republican

“I support the legalization of marijuana”. If Dan Winslow accomplished anything in his attempt to gain votes, it was with that statement, as he spoke to a group of Franklin High School students on Wednesday. Winslow’s words were in jest, but he certainly attracted the attention of the less-than alert persons in the room.
A Republican Party candidate, for the U.S Senate, Winslow would follow his marijuana joke with an explanation on his stance on the use of medicinal marijuana. Passionate and forceful, Dan Winslow’s experience as a trial lawyer was evident as he spoke in front of a crowd of juniors and seniors who sat in rustling silence. He dresses impeccably in a blue suit and red tie, subtly advocating the very nationalism he repeatedly promotes during his talk.

Winslow describes himself as stemming from the ‘Party of Lincoln’. His core values, like the Republican Party of Lincoln’s era, are opportunity, responsibility, freedom, and respect of individuals. He equated Lincoln’s struggle with slavery to our modern day struggle with the legalization gay marriage. He believes it is our responsibility as citizens to legalize gay marriage, because it is a question of equality, just as slavery was.
Winslow remains fiscally conservative and preached the positives of both limited government and taxes. He is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment and against background checks that have been discussed by the Obama administration. When prodded, Winslow provided a valid argument against background checks, namely the absence of a stable mental institution system in the U.S. Winslow elaborated that background checks would be pointless with the lack of medical history for persons who are mentally unstable.
A social moderate, Winslow proudly advocated his support of gay marriage and the ability to choose abortion. After speaking about his ProChoice stance, he added that he supports anyone’s belief to be ProLife, deeming it a ‘personal choice’.
Winslow seems to encompass a wide range of beliefs, with many of them stemming from his wish for as many votes as possible. He also shot down the two other Republican candidates, although prefacing each insult politely.

Winslow is personable, yet fierce, passionate, yet cooperative, and liberal, yet conservative.
He, interestingly, has never lost an election for state or local office. Will this be the election to end his streak?