Up Close and Personal: Marathon Hit FHS

Sarah Sharpe

It  was around 3:30 p.m when Kaleigh Gavrilles received a phone call that changed what started as an average day with friends, to a day that ultimately resulted in shock and surrealism. It was only when she returned  home  and turned on the t.v.  did Kaleigh know that her 21 year old sister was truly in trouble.

As the T.V channels and radio stations continue to remind us, on Monday, March 15th, an explosion was set off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. We know-or at least we think we know, because who knows what facts are being fed to us- the basics of what went down on this unforgettable (but dare I say predictable?) day.

Like Kaleigh, many students here in our school have been honestly tied to this day that undoubtedly made them think and made others ask; “what is going on”?! This is exactly what I wanted to find out by getting up close and personal with FHS students who were there to witness, or were somehow connected to the events that occurred last Monday.

It was at the finish line where Kaleigh’s sister was standing, that the two bombing suspects  set the bomb that changed both their lives. Miraculously, it was the last minute shoes on her feet that prevented  her from receiving any other injuries than the burns on her forehead.

“She was wearing sneakers and decided to change into her boots”, says Kaleigh. “She didn’t even know why”. It turned out that when she arrived at the hospital there were bebes lodged into her boots, and later found out that the length of her boots had actually prevented damage to her legs.

This was one life changing story out of many that are all yet to be shared here on Panther-Book. If you are looking to help the cause and take some action, go to https://secure.onefundboston.org/page/-/donate9.html to learn how to participate in the ONE fund in order to support those still in the  hospitals as a result of the marathon.