King Phillip Lunch Lady with Hit List

Julia Cowell, Writer

A Norfolk cafeteria worker at King Phillip Middle School was prosecuted after verbally threatening her co-worker with a gun.

Wendy Ferris, 47, was arrested in Cumberland, Rhode Island on Friday after a mishap in the kitchen earlier that day. Allegedly, she was angry about her co-worker who baked new cookies after Ferris overcooked them.

With further investigation, it was found she also had a hit list, including the school nurse. Before leaving the school Friday claims say Ferris said she was “going to buy an AK-47 and shoot up the school.”

King Phillip School official released on their website that “the administration immediately initiated an investigation” prior to the accusations and reassured the community that Ferris “has been ordered by the court to stay away from the school, its employees and students”

“I would not feel comfortable returning to school if the incident had occurred at FHS”,  Senior, Natalie Downie says in reaction to the story.

“Justice needs to be served, what she did was not okay and situations like this can’t keep happening, especially so close to home.”  added Chris Arnaudo

In a statement from the FHS lunch ladies they all agreed “it was good what the cops did, she can’t go on school grounds anymore as it should be, theres too much going on in the school systems”

They admitted to “getting tiffy with each other now and then, however nothing like that”. They emphasize that they “love all of the students that go here” and even had kids who were students.