Man Wakes Up In Body Bag

Kylee Hurley, Writer

Early Thursday morning 78 year old Walter Williams woke up to find himself in a body bag. The Mississippi native was pronounced dead the night before in his home.

Workers in the Porter and Sons Funeral Home were preparing to embalm Williams when they heard him kicking at the bag. It is believed that Walters pacemaker stopped working.  Once he was in the body bag it came on again.

Freshman Grace Griffin shared her opinion.

“Wow that is very scary and it’s amazing that he is still alive.” She isn’t the only person at Franklin High that is happy to hear Walter Williams was saved in time by employees at Porter and Sons Funeral Home.

“Well I’m happy that the pacemaker turned back on when it did, and that he didn’t get buried alive. Also what is up with the doctors that pronounced him dead? How does a doctor mess something like that up?” asks Emmett Goebel, who is also a freshman at Franklin High.

Most people are asking the question of how Walter was even pronounced dead. It seems true that Walter came back when the pace maker started to work again, but his family seems to think otherwise. His family told the media that they believed he had been resurrected, and that God gave them more time to spend with Walter.

Walter Williams worked as a farmer for most of his life, and recently retired.