The Icey East

Everyone in the Northeast are having to face the slippery and slushy roads today after the rigorous snowstorm. The bad weather cancelled schools, yet again, cancelled flights and delayed Valentine gifts.

The snow and the sleet cancelled more than 6,500 flights, according to Fox News, and closed schools, businesses, and the government centers. Approximately 1.2 million people lost power once the storm moved away from the South and towards the Northeast, there was 440,000.

Once it became Friday morning, flight cancellations dropped to approximately 1,110. Even some schools in Massachusetts are closed!

FHS students are talking about this treacherous weather. Freshman, Hannah Kinson says: “My driveway was a whole sheet of ice, it made my boots wet.” and her friend, Elana Chan says: “I wish it was spring!”

This storm is blamed for 21 deaths. One death was in New York. 36 Min Lin was hit by a utility vehicle that had a snow plow attached to it, once it backed out of shopping center in Brooklyn. Lin was rushed to a Medical Center by the Paramedics where she gave birth to her baby. Her baby was in critical condition and no immediate charges was faced against the person with the snow plow.

Around the US, this winter has been the one of the snowiest. In Boston and other major cities, they got almost two or three times the amount of snow they usually get around this time.

Sadly, it looks as if we are getting another snow storm hitting us Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. People expect more than 6 inches of snow in parts of Southeastern, Massachusetts.