Coming Soon: Breakfast at “the Bell”

Becca Vickery

Taco Bell has recently announced a new breakfast line which will hit  stores nationwide on March 27th. The breakfast menu will be available until 11 a.m. — half an hour later than McDonald’s breakfast line. McDonald’s has been considered the top fast food provider in the mornings since the menu was first opened. Now, other fast food restaurants are making their claims to the breakfast title. Subway was created a breakfast menu of their own, and on March 4, Starbucks is planning to revamp their breakfast menus with new products.

Taco Bell’s breakfast menu features some unusual new items, such as the waffle taco. Other items include the “A.M. crunchwrap” (a play off of the restaurants popular item, the “crunchwrap supreme”), multiple types of breakfast burritos, an “A.M. griller,” coffee, orange juice, and a special drink made from Mountain Dew and OJ called an “A.M. Mountain Dew.”

Many students are unsure of how the new breakfast menu will turn out.

“Eating Taco Bell for breakfast is like eating puppies for lunch — not acceptable,” says Christopher Hathaway, a senior at FHS.

On the contrary, some students think the new menu sounds good.

“I think the food looks tasty… I’d probably try it,” says FHS junior, Cam Bean.