Search For Missing Plane Escalates

Alec Hurd & Camden Lupien; FHS (Youtube)

Alycia Felli

After exploring all possible leads, officials still have no luck in tracking down the missing Mh370. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and its 239 people on board are going onto their fifth day of missing after its disappearance on March 9th.

Fourty- five minutes after takeoff on Saturday morning, all communication with passengers, crew, and the aircraft itself seized.

“I was kind of shocked that a plane could just disappear… out of the blue. It’s just the fact that they haven’t even found it yet.” says Camden Lupien.

Search parties have made no discoveries despite the huge amount of ocean (and land) they are monitoring. On March 12th, officials received lead- images of the plane wreckage from a Chinese satellite. But upon arriving to the supposed crash site, no debris was to be found.

Many aviation experts have proposed that the plane continued flying after the communication loss, meaning the plane could be hundreds of miles off its original course. Malaysian officials denied these claims, and instead stating that the plane’s last known location itself was already off course over a small island.

Family members of the missing, as well as the rest of the world, has been anxiously awaiting of any news, “I think it is kind of scary… Where did it go?” asks concerned student Kim Janell.

The relatives and close friends of the passenger and crew have been cramped together in a Beijing hotel, praying for the survival of there loved ones together. Many of the relatives have been claiming no information is being told to them, and that there privacy is being completely violated.

Conspiracies of hijackings have been circulating social media also, and the fact that two of the passengers were traveling on stolen passports makes it all the more believable.

Before take off, the plane had been inspected, and the forecast was nothing to worry about. To add to the aircraft’s safety, the pilot had over 11,000 hours of flying time. After the flight did not arrive to its location, search parties immediately went out to search.

After even further investigation, it appears that no other vessel received any sign of the craft on their radar.

This day in age, with such advanced technology on and off board the plane, it seems virtually impossible to not have any clue where this aircraft currently lies. But, no word had been received from the ship itself, not even a mayday call.

As the military continues its investigation, all we can do is hope for the best and pray for the passenger’s safe arrival home.