A Day of Remembrance

Julia Cowell, Writer

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

This year’s annual Boston Marathon will take place on April 21, taking its usual path through Boston center.

Students of Franklin High School have mixed reactions to the anniversary in general, as well as the upcoming marathon this year.

Freshman Luke Walsh shares his experience of last years marathon

“My sister saw it go off, she was actually running by it when it went off and she had to run for cover. She called us as soon as should could but since there was a delay in calling my family and I were petrified.”

“Now that it is a year later, I am sad that it happenend, however I think it brought everyone together. The people who were injured have made strong progress and I am really happy for them. I am looking forward to this years marathon”, said Walsh

“I believe a lot of people will come out in confidence this year, I do not think they are scared because we are Boston Strong.” said Junior Shannon Morrison

However, Morrison “feels uneasy about the event and hopes that everyone is successful”

Senior Joey Fournier told his personal experience in regards to marathon traditions

“I am kind of bummed that there are so many new procedures and rules although I know they are necessary. My family has been handing out water at my grandparents house along the route for many years and it is a tradition I do not want to give up”

Similar to many other years, the Boston Marathon will be the same 26.2 mile route through Boston with qualified runners, however, it will have many new safety procedures for the runners and viewers.

No large bags, glass containers or containers that can hold more than one liter of liquid, costumes, props, strollers, or items larger than 5 x 15 x 5 inches will be allowed.

No bags will be allowed on buses, nor any backpacks that can hold water.

Police will separate large crowds in order to relieve worries of a similar event to occur.