The Drink Of This Summer

Colton Cardinal, Student Writer

PespiCo and Taco Bell have recently came into agreement to release the Baja Blast beverage to be sold in bottle and can form.

This new release began May 5th but is only here for a limited time.

The deadline for the sale of the Baja Blast will conclude at the end of this up coming summer.

The drink is available in single, six pack and twelve pack forms.

The Baja Blast contains 110 calories and 29 grams of sugar with little to no vitamins or nutritional value.



PespiCo has also released a new game to increase the exposure to the Baja Blast release. The game is a racing based game that you accumulate points with every win. The more points you get the more eligible you are for wining prizes.

Some point cash in prizes include bracelets, toys, t-shirts and even trophies for winning the game.

A single bottle of 12 ounces of Baja Blast will cost 1.99 on average depending on which store you make your purchase.