Back to the Future 2: Hoverboards Become Reality

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads, due to our newest advances in technology.

In the second “Back to the Future” movie, Marty McFly and Doc travel in their DeLorean time machine to the year 2015. According to the movie, next year we should have some awesome new methods of transportation, including hoverboards.

It appears that the 1989 film’s visions are becoming a reality, for the company HendoHover has just released a working prototype of a hoverboard.

The hoverboard has a few flaws, including the inability to fly over any surface other than smooth metal, a battery life of seven minutes, and a price of 10,000 dollars. But who knows how common the hoverboard may be by the year 2015?

HendoHover has turned to larger companies for funding, as well as for help building places to ride the devices, like hoverboard skateparks. How fun would that be?

How does the hoverboard work? “The magic behind the hoverboard lies in its four disc-shaped hover engines. These create a special magnetic field which literally pushes against itself, generating the lift which levitates our board off the ground,” says the company’s kickstarter campaign.

Maybe some of the other Back to the Future inventions will be here before we know it!