Keep Libraries Alive!

Keep Libraries Alive!

Benjamin Franklin Franklin Public Library

Sophia Sabini-Leite, Writer

Before the invention of the eReaders and tablets, the town library was the # 1 place to get the latest novel, news and  research, as well as to keep up with town news.  Today, people forego the library and head straight to the internet as their primary source of information and news.  They forget the vast and varied resources the library provides to its community.

Are libraries becoming extinct?  Or are there things that can be done to get teens to the library?

If put to choose between the library or the internet, teens today will automatically choose the internet.  It’s certainly faster, easier, and contains a lot more information… however, you can easily be misinformed.  As we all have learned, anyone with internet access can create a website, but this does not mean that all the information posted is accurate.  Whereas, the library contains books which have been edited and published, providing its readers with a certain guarantee of accurate information.

Also, the library provides people with archival materials, which can be especially useful for students conducting research for school projects.  Compared to the internet, which mostly provides newly updated items and recent news, at the library, history comes alive when you can actually put your hands on old books and documents as you collect past resources for research.

In Franklin we are even more fortunate! As the first public lending library in America, the The Franklin Public Library possess a collection of books donated by none other than Benjamin Franklin.  In Franklin, you are able to dig into the history of your town and your home, and find one of a kind treasures.

Other than research, the library’s atmosphere can be a great place to relax and read the latest book or novel.  The well-lit high ceilings, fresco painted walls, comfortable, worn leather chairs and silence make the library ideal for a good read!

Local libraries also provide services and host many activities for their community and surrounding towns.  Libraries often hold memberships to area museums and offer entrance to library card holders for free or reduced entrance fees, like the Museum of Science, The Museum of Fine arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardener (just to name a few).  This is a great way to get your culture in and keep costs down!

There are also many activities that you can become  involved in at your library.  Specifically for teens, the Teen Advisory Board meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm to discuss and plan events.  The Teen Advisory Board offers a chance for teens and tweens alike to be more involved in the Franklin Library.  They also plan special events, like movie viewings, book talks, and drawing and anime workshops, and such.

Not only is your local library a great place to collect data for an upcoming project or assignment, but it is a great place to read a good book, meet friends and be social.  Keeping the library alive is important for our community.

Do you have any suggestions for upcoming events you would like to see at the library or ideas for activities that you think would bring more teens to the library?  Please leave your suggestions below in the comments!

What activities will draw you to the library the most?


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