MCAS: All You Need To Know

Julia Hogan, Editor

As the week begins, Franklin High School is preparing to for MCAS testing.

Regarding the schedule, there are no changes to the rotation. ELA MCAS testing will take place on:

Tuesday, 3/31 during periods D, E, F

Wednesday, 4/1 during periods B, C

Thursday, 4/2 during periods G, A, B

On Tuesday and Wednesday, regular ELA sessions will take place. On Thursday, there will be ELA Long Composition sessions for all sophomores. The days will be similar to those of PARCC testing. On testing days, the library and cafe will be closed before and during the school day.

Make sure to check in with your English teacher to find out what classroom you are in, as students are assigned to testing rooms alphabetically.

Several scholarship opportunities are available to those who score high on the tests. Some of the scholarships even offer free tuition to any Massachusetts college or university. See your English teacher for more details if interested.

While some students at FHS are not exactly “fans” of the MCAS, others aren’t bothered by it.

FHS sophomores Max Rosen and Grace Griffin both agreed they don’t like the testing.

“It’s time consuming… I would not say I am excited,” said Griffin, adding that she feels it makes students annoyed as it takes time away that could be used for classes.

Max also expressed similar opinions. “It is a really long time to sit,” he said. “Especially in the hard chairs we have to sit in.”

On the other hand, some students are simply not bothered by the testing. FHS sophomore, Bella Castro, said she does not find an issue with it: “I don’t think it is that hard of a test, and you get out of class and have no homework.”

Despite the varying opinions, students have no choice but to take the test, as they are required to pass in order to graduate.

Good luck to those testing this week!