The Strawberry Stroll: Nothing Short of a Cake

Natalie Bavar, Writer

Occurring every year since 2003, the Strawberry Stroll encourages the community to come together to support local businesses throughout downtown Franklin. This year’s event was on Thursday, June 11 and attracted a sizeable crowd.

Pandora Carlucci, a member of the Board of Directors, says that “the Strawberry Stroll is a kick-off of sorts to the summer” which puts an emphasis on enjoying a day in the summer sun while supporting smaller businesses.

“There are new business in town to learn about and it is fun to gather as a community,” Dr. Carlucci expressed, continuing on to say “they offer something large chain retailers do not offer.”

Over 25 businesses participated, all of which are located in the general Franklin downtown area, and each with its own promotion, some handing out balloons and prizes, while others distributed stickers and painted children’s faces.

To add to the rich atmosphere, there were several live performances including a DJ playing popular music and high school students performing in the Cake Bar at an Open Mic Night.

There was, of course, a booth selling Strawberry Shortcake, a testament to the namesake of the event, and the cake was selling like, well cake!

The sun was shining, and despite the heat, the event achieved its goal.
The Strawberry Stroll is annual, so anyone who was not able to attend this year will have to the opportunity to do so next year, and anyone who enjoyed the event this year, will have a chance to repeat the experience.