Meet the Republican Candidates for President

Dharani Rangthale

As the 2016 Presidential election comes up, the Republican party have had multiple candidates such as businessman Donald Trump who is currently leading in the polls, as well as retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Other prominent  candidates include former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Kentucky senator Rand Paul, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Currently, candidate Donald Trump has been attracting the most attention thus far in the race due to name, wealth, and media recognition.  His slogan “Make America Great Again!”  that he took from previous president and conservative icon Ronald Reagan highlights how he wants to bring jobs back and restore the American Dream.

To fix the illegal immigration issue, according to his website,  he has the idea to build a wall between the US and Mexico and have Mexico pay for it, deporting all undocumented immigrants, and ending birthright citizenship which is protected in the 14th amendment under the Constitution. In addition to this, Trump favors a system of  universal healthcare to replace the current Affordable Care Act, as stated in a 60 Minutes Interview.

On the other side, candidates like Ben Carson  have made statements implying that they do not enjoy the current Affordable Care Act and want it removed. According to the International Business Times,  Carson also thinks that ISIS should be removed from Iraq and should instead enter Syria to drive out the current president, Bashar Assad.

Aside from Trump and Carson,  according to CNN, Jeb Bush, believes that in order to defeat ISIS,  that American troops should stay near the Iraqi units however there is no need for American troops to have a major commitment of staying there. He also believes that in order for ISIS to be defeated, the President member Bashar Assad must be defeated as well.  

Tea Party member and Kentucky senator Rand Paul has also been polling high. According to the MSNBC, He wants to reform the criminal justice system, have the Republican party reach more younger and minority voters, and according to the NPR,  staged a filibuster to go against the Patriot Act which required government surveillance on individuals’ records. However, he favors a non interventionist foreign policy which turns off many neoconservatives.

Senator Marco Rubio from Florida has different plans to fix the immigration system in this country.  According to the Business Insider, he wants to first increase security measures so that it will be known when people overstay their visas, and then have an electronic verification system so that there will be no illegal hiring. Next, people would be allowed in based on their worth and excellence instead of the amount of family members they have here, and lastly have a chance where they can redeem themselves and obtain work permits. To improve college costs, according to the Business Insider,  he wants to expand vocational programs, and have Student Investment Plans so that students would be able to partner with investors so that they can pay their tuition. Then the investors would be able to obtain a percentage of  the students’ earnings for years after they graduate.