Sweetpea Animal Shelter Needs Your Help!

Kendyl Ryan

On Saturday night, November 21st, Sweetpea Animal Shelter caught fire. Located in Paxton, just 20 minutes from Worcester, the shelter received critical damage; all of the animals died, besides only four dogs and one cat. In total, 7 dogs and 29 cats all perished.

This is where Franklin comes in: Sweetpea Animal Shelter is in desperate need of donations. Franklin has always opened its heart for past fundraisers, and I hope we can do the same for this one.

The animal shelter is a non-profit, no kill shelter, meaning they take in animals that were going to be killed at another shelter, or take in unwanted animals with no home. The fire destroyed the entire complex and will have to start from scratch in rebuilding. Valuable resources, including animal food, collars, leashes, blankets, cleaning supplies, and computers were all destroyed. With the shelter unable to take in new animals at the moment, no animals can be rescued from kill shelters or abusive homes.

The shelter also needs funds to pay for medical bills of the dogs in critical condition. Stella, a pit bull, is currently in critical condition after being rushed to Tufts. She remains on a respirator and has trouble breathing. Any amount of money donated would be a huge help to a shelter in desperate need.

There is a current goal of $200,000 on their gofund page, with around $125,000 made so far. Even the smallest amount donated would be appreciated, because every penny counts.