Republican Debate Tuesday Could Be Pivotal

Kylee Hurley, Editor

On Tuesday December 15th, the republican presidential nominees are gearing up for their next debate. The debate will be held in Nevada, and is once again hosted by CNN.

According to Real Clear Politics which averages polls from different news networks, Donald Trump is still the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nominee. He is projected to have an average of 29.5 points, while nominee Ben Carson trails behind with an average of 15.8 points.

In lieu of recent events, such as the terror attacks in California, many people have been changing their minds in terms of a nominee that would suit them, based upon the reactions several of these nominees have had.

The moderator for the debate will be news anchor Wolf Blitzer, who, according to CNN, is expected to have many questions regarding foreign policy. This, once again, is due to the recent events from the War on Terror.

Typically, debates for the presidential race determine the candidates who make it into the race based on national polling. For the debate being held on the 15th, this will not be the case, The fact that  New Hampshire as well as Iowa are the two key states in terms of electoral votes, if a Republican candidate is doing well in one or both of states they will qualify to enter the race.

Front runners like Ben Carson and Donald Trump will surely make the cut based on national polls. Candidates such as Chris Christie who did not make the cut in the last debate based on national polls, will have a chance to make it into this coming week’s debate.

According to CNN, in order to enter this coming Tuesday’s debate, candidates must have a 4% approval rate in New Hampshire or Iowa if they do not make through the national polling.

In recent weeks, both Chris Christie, as well as Mike Huckabee, who were not able to attend November’s debate are maintaining enough support in one or both of these states.

Since November’s debate, Ted Cruz has surged in the polls. After barely making it to the November debate, he has since jumped to the third place slot according to Real Clear Politics.  Although Carson is in second, and Cruz is in third, the margin between Trump and the other two front runners is almost a 14 point difference.

Although Rubio won November’s debate, he has since dropped to fourth place in the polls. This upcoming debate is one of his final chances to make a leap in the polls.

For Bush, who has slipped dramatically  in recent polls, now according to Real Clear Politics, he only has an average of 4% of the republican vote nationally.

Overall, this upcoming debate appears to be very different from November’s, as many of the candidates have fluctuated throughout the polls. Tune in on Tuesday to watch the next Republican presidential debate.