Deca Returns

Deca Returns

Ryan Graci, Writer

Is Deca finally coming back!?

Mr. Carmo says Deca took a year off last year to try and rebuild. Mr. Carmo is our Business Management teacher here at Franklin High School and is also the advisor for the club.

Deca is a club in the school that involves business and real life business ownership. Deca also runs the store that is next to Mr. Carmo room which is on the first floor in room 147. The store hasn’t been opened since the old high school and this will be the first time in the new school. Students who are a part of Deca will run the store with Mr. Carmo as the advisor.

The store will be opened at some point in the next couple of weeks. The store will be opened before school and after school, and also during school, but only for certain periods of the day. The store sells FHS apparel, school supplies, headphones, rattle city apparel, and Rivalry shirts for rivalry weeks. There will be no food sold at the school store.  You will have to pay with cash for now.

The Deca club competes against other schools. You will be given a project and the judges will determine who wins. If you beat enough schools you’ll have the chance to go to Boston for the semifinals. If you continue to win you have the chance to go to California for the finals.

Mr. Carmo says that everyone is welcome to join the club, and meetings are Tuesdays after school in room 147. You can also sign up on Google Classroom. The code to join is i2cln.