Class of 2020 Elections

Class of 2020 Elections

Trevor O'Neill, Writer

On Thursday Sep. 15, the Class President of this incoming freshmen year was announced, Danny Harrington. Also announced were the Treasurer (Katie Nguyen), the Vice President (Chorr-kin Chin), and the tie for Secretary (Adam Gendreau, Sarah Jackson) who will be sharing the position. A counted total of 240 people voted, about half the grade. Patrick Foley was the runner-up for class president.

The losing officers that ran for president were Brynn Jacobs, Holly Carolan, Patrick Foley, Cutler Whitmore, and Jenna Van Hyning. When asked how the elections went surprisingly most of them were pretty happy with how their campaign did. Foley even said: “My campaign went exactly how I planned it to go.” All of them are running for Representative because they all still want to be a part of student government and have a say in what goes on in our school.

In response to Harrington’s election, Whitmore and Jacobs said they didn’t really know him enough to have an opinion on him, but Foley and Carolan had conflicting opinions about Harrington as president. Foley claimed that “Harrington is a great guy and that he is a good fit for the position” and Carolan had a complete opposite opinion. She believes he is “a little too laid back to run a whole class as the person in charge.”

In response to Carolan’s comment, Harrington exclaimed “I completely agree!” He went on to say: “I didn’t expect to win and he didn’t actually care if he lost, and I think of myself as a really laid back guy.” Harrington added: “I am going to give my best effort to give the class of 2020 a good reputation and make this year memorable.”

All of the losing officers hope that Harrington listens to the class of 2020 and represents them perfectly and hopes he also throws a great banquet. When asked if they had any advice for anyone running for president in the future they all agreed that if you want to run for president in the future you should be willing to put yourself out there and be unique and make sure people know that you’re running.
About Pat Foley being the runner up, Harrington commented: “I am not surprised because he is the only other person I heard people talk about.”

In response to the elections being called a popularity contest Harrington said: “It was in a way, but if I didn’t put the effort in to make myself known and make sure people knew I cared, people would’ve thought ‘Hey I like Harrington, but he wouldn’t be the right fit for president’ and therefore it wasn’t a total popularity contest.”

Despite all the controversy, Harrington won a hard fought victory.