Should You Buy a New Phone?

Nolan O'Rourke, Writer

We’ve all been there. You see a new phone on the market and you want it. New features, new colors. Just recently, some new phones have come out, the iPhone 7, and the Google Pixel.

Now that Google has released a new phone, it will be competing with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus for the next year until some new phones are released.

Tons of new features were revealed for the new phones, including brand new color finishes and water resistancy.

Two students sat down to talk about these new phones. Kevin O’Reilly, FHS freshman, was asked whether or not he was planning on buying the new Google phone over an iPhone.

“I will most likely not buy the Pixel since I just got an iPhone 6S,” O’Reilly states.

When asked the same question, Brennan Rivera, another FHS freshman said, “No, I think that the new Google phone definitely has some better features than it’s competitors, but I will most likely not be buying it since I’ve had an iPhone for a while and I’m used to it.”

Both Rivera and O’Reilly heard about the new device in the beginning of October. For O’Reilly, he was told about the phone by a friend of his, but for Rivera, he learned about this new phone from a CNN article.

Both students were very excited for the Pixel having a better camera than the iPhone’s, but will still most likely not purchase the Google-made phone.

For more information, visit the official iPhone 7 and Google Pixel web pages.