Literary Guild’s First Meeting: “Girl, Stolen”


Devyn Forcina, Editor

Do you love to read? Do you enjoy discussing literature with others? Do you appreciate book recommendations?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to these questions, be sure to attend Literary Guild’s first meeting on Friday, October 13 in room 332.

“Literary Guild is the ideal club for those who love to read, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, or poetry!” says Literary Guild president Claire Vaughan (grade 12).

The first book the club is reading this year is Girl, Stolen, a young adult thriller by April Henry. It tells the story of a sixteen year old girl named Cheyenne who is accidentally kidnapped during a car theft. The kidnapper was unaware of her being in the car, and he does not know what to do with her. However, Cheyenne’s connections might change his plans. To learn more, click here

In Literary Guild, you will get to read many different genres, stories of different lengths, and read books that are not as traditionally academic as those we read in school. And as always, you have the opportunity to suggest novels, short stories, plays or poems you want the group to read.

“The club is a relaxing and safe environment where anyone and everyone can share their ideas. This club is pressure-free! You can just show up and spend time with a wonderful group of people who share your love for literature.” Vaughan elaborates.

When asked what the mission of the club was, she shared: “The mission of Literary Guild is to be a club for book-lovers who are looking for a place to discuss literature outside of English class. We read great books for enjoyment, not for a grade.”

Mr. Dibona, the club’s advisor, agrees: “In school we read for purpose”, he says, “in Literary Guild, we read for what reading should be.”

Reach out to Claire Vaughan, senior and President of Literary Guild, as well as Mr. Dibona, the advisor, with questions.