Every Vote Counts

Emily Vinson

Election Day is on Tuesday, November 6 this year, and will take place at Franklin High School for the town of Franklin. Students in Franklin will not have school this day. If you are not able to vote on election day, early voting is available at the Town Clerk’s office at the Franklin Town Hall until November 2.

At FHS, seniors that are 18 are able to vote this year in the Midterm Election. Even though seniors have this new ability for their voice to be heard, many young people do not vote. NBC News states that in 2014, the last Midterm Election, voters under the age of 30 only made up 13% of total electoral votes in the election. However, 29% of millennials thought voting this year was more important than voting in past midterm elections. So, will this year be different than past years for voting turnout?

On the ballot in Massachusetts, there will be three questions.

Question One is about patient-to-nurse limits. A yes vote would result in a limit on how many patients a nurse could be assigned. A no vote would not require limits.

Question Two would create a committee to look into the current campaign finance system if passed.

Question Three relates to transgender anti-discrimination. A yes vote would keep in place an anti-discrimination law against transgender people, while a no vote would repeal that law.

Many countries do not let people vote directly on such issues. Americans will have the chance to vote on Tuesday, November 6. No matter how you side with these issues, get out and vote!

Visit franklinma.gov for information on the upcoming election.