Calling All Junior Girls!

DYW 2020 participants pictured with choreographers Tracy Lane and Emily Yeo, as well as director Amy Azza

Paul Vicario

DYW 2020 participants pictured with choreographers Tracy Lane and Emily Yeo, as well as director Amy Azza

Are you a junior girl looking to earn college scholarships, gain confidence in yourself, and get community service hours? Become a part of the Greater Franklin Distinguished Young Women program!

The Greater Franklin Distinguished Young Women Program will be hosting their first rehearsal/meeting on Friday January 10th, 7PM at the Franklin YMCA. This will be a fun, informal meeting  girls to learn about the program, hear from past winners, and g

Paul Vicario
DYW 2020 Participants in their opening number

et to know other participants.

Distinguished Young Women is a non-profit national scholarship organization that inspires young women to reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves. The program promotes their mission on the basis of five values: being healthy, involved, ambitious, studious, and responsible. 

The Greater Franklin branch of the Distinguished Young Women program holds weekly rehearsals with a flexible schedule. Rehearsals can be attended as you are available and make-up rehearsals will be held at a different time if needed. This program concludes in a showcase in May 2020, in which participants compete in five categories:

  • Talent –Each participant selects a talent of theirs to display for 90 seconds.  Don’t think you have a talent that fits the stage? Do not let this stop you from participating. Past talents have included everything from dance, music, and photography, to basketball, poetry, martial arts, hula-hooping, and more!
  • Self Expression-The day prior to the showcase, participants will be given a question and will prepare a brief answer to be presented on stage. Answers are usually less than 30 seconds.
  • Fitness-Participants will learn a short fitness-based dance routine to be performed in the showcase. No prior dance knowledge is necessary! 
  • Interview-Participants will have a 10 minute interview on the morning of the showcase that will be evaluated as part of overall score. Practice interviews will be conducted throughout the rehearsal process.

    Amy Azza
    Participants pose at the end of a rehearsal last spring.
  • Scholastics-Academic performance and standardized testing will be evaluated as part of a participant’s overall score. Students will submit their transcript in early spring.

All participants will be eligible for college scholarships in any of the above categories, in addition to a variety of other awards that are presented on the night of the showcase. Three winners will be named at the local level, and those winners will advance to the Massachusetts DYW program, held in July of 2020.

If you are at all interested in DYW, consider attending the first rehearsal. Students from any town around Franklin can participate, so spread the word! This is an extremely special opportunity and so much can be gained from being a part of this program.

If you have any questions regarding the program or would like to indicate your interest, please contact director Amy Azza at [email protected]

Read more about DYW here: