Do You Need Some Good News?

Gretchen Scotland, Writer

John Krasinski, most commonly known for acting in The OfficeTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and The Quiet Place recently launched a Youtube channel called “Some Good News”. In this time of uncertainty, he decided to tweet out a comment on Twitter asking people to send some good news they’ve seen. Reviewing the thousands of comments, he put together the first episode of his show featuring a ton of thanks and gratitude toward all healthcare workers, a video chat with Steve Carrell, and another video chat with Coco, age 15, after being welcomed home from her last chemo treatment by a huge number of cars parked down her street to celebrate.

John Krasinski tweeted on March 25th asking people for some good news!

Any fan of Hamilton will NEED to see Episode 2! Krasinski starts off showing the videos of a few people who made their own version of his show (some in light teasing) but he says that it’s “encouraged” (2:25, Episode 2) and he is “aware [he is] only delivering the good news; you are the good news” (2:26, Episode 2). He then goes into individuals, families, and companies who have begun supporting hospitals by making masks or getting necessary protective equipment to places in need. Finally, the big show-stopper: he makes a video call to 9-year-old Aubrey, who has unfortunately missed the long-awaited Hamilton show in Jacksonville due to the Coronavirus. The main actors and actresses in the cast joined the call and astonishingly began singing the song “Alexander Hamilton”, a.k.a. the opening song of the show. Even people who don’t know Hamilton would probably think it was amazing just seeing all of their voices coming together over a video call.

Episodes are hopefully coming out every week (with a new one Sunday, April 12th!) so stay tuned for more good news! Stay healthy and stay safe!

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