The Benefit of Handmade Masks Against COVID-19


Tess Bower, Writer

Handmade masks are beneficial to the general public during COVID-19. These masks are simple to make and many Franklin High School students and faculty have already made masks and are donating them.

During COVID-19 it is important to practice proper social distancing when you need to go out.  According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is recommended that civilians wear cloth masks when going to public places where social distancing advisories are difficult to follow. This means supermarkets, pharmacies, or any other public place. It is important to follow the CDC guidelines so we can keep our community and families safe from the virus. 

Handmade masks are a great option for the general public so that essential workers can keep using the more professional masks that are currently out of stock in many places. According to, the virus can be spread through coughs and sneezes. If you or someone else coughs or sneezes, the masks will protect you and stop the respiratory droplets from landing on people or surfaces. 

These handmade masks will protect others if you have the virus, and it will protect you from getting it. 

Here is a link on how to make your own coronavirus mask for when you or your family has to go out. 

How to make your own mask

(skip to 1:20-2:20 to see how to make the masks)