Pantherbook Presents: Politicians At Home

Get to know presidential candidates from the comfort of your own home!

Emma Nicholson, Writer

With the exception of the incredible front line workers and essential personnel, almost everyone is at home these days. Celebrities are home. Athletes are at home. College students are at home. And yes, even former presidential candidates, senators, and politicians of all kinds, are sheltering at home, as they do their part of flatten the curve.

But despite being stuck at home for the foreseeable future, so many people around the world are embracing this remote life through various online platforms. By connecting online, we are able to maintain human connection and some level of normalcy. Here at Pantherbook, embracing remote life is exactly what we have decided to do.

Starting this week, Pantherbook will be presenting a new series: “Politicians at Home.” Over the past few weeks we’ve had a number of interesting virtual opportunities to connect with different 2020 presidential candidates and politicians through Zoom interviews. Some of them you may be familiar with. Others you may not be. But after having the chance to speak directly to these politicians and even ask them questions live, we would be remiss not to feature them here.

This series will not be your typical political dialogue; we want to bring readers right into the political scene as we provide firsthand wisdom from these politicians -. What was their life like before they entered the political sphere? How did the culture of their home state influence their campaign? Was their career in government something they expected? These are the types of questions we are asking, and therefore the answers you will be receiving. Behind each candidate is a story, and we are here to tell it.

Many of these virtual opportunities are brought to Pantherbook by John Vitti, founder of an education/journalism non-profit organization called Headliners in Education. During “normal life,” he provides student journalists from Massachusetts with  opportunities to attend various article-worthy events. But over the past few weeks he has been providing student journalists with opportunities to speak with politicians, musicians, authors, and more, through Zoom.

Keep an eye out this week for our first article of this new series!