Politicians at Home: Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

Elise Ravech, Writer

Recently, Presidential candidate Joe Biden had a virtual conference with Former First Lady Hillary Clinton. They discussed a very important issue: How the virus is affecting women and their roles in society. This article will recap some of the important ideas brought up.

Joe Biden starts the interview off with sharing a fact that not to many people know, 80% of healthcare workers are women. More and more women are on the frontlines risking their lives day in and day out to ensure people stay safe and healthy.

Women are suffering from domestic violence, are stuck at home with their abusers. Joe states, “It is heartbreaking to know what they have experienced and are still experiencing.” However he is working and wants victims to know that they are not alone and can text 1(800)799-SAFE, this is a place where you can call or chat online.

So far Joe has made it so that there are shelters where victims can be safe and healthy, they will have immediate economic relief along with cash assistance and unemployment. A women should not be forced to stay with their abuser because of a finance situation he mentions, “The worst thing is being a prison in your own home.”

Hilary shares her point of view by saying, “Don’t suffer in silence.” She believes that people need to understand that there is a limit budget during this crisis and we need resources to provide service, domestic violence is just as important as the police and firefighters.

Many women are also unfortunately having their hours cut and being unable to work. They are now forced to worry about keeping food on the table all while struggling to make ends meet. Joe fully supports that one job should be enough to support a family, and minimum wage needs to be raised, to help everyone.

To help ease the impact for for all suffering from this virus, Joe wants to make sure that all tests are free. Too many people are worried about costs and won’t get the treatment they need. Joe also adds that he believes it is essential that laid off workers keep their health insurance.

Hilary similarly supports this and wants to fill all the gaps, and go as far as we can. Everyone should have access to quality and affordable health care, especially reproductive care for women.

Joe has strongly urged the president to appoint a supply commander to send out the equipment the country needs. Mr. Biden wants to increase essential workers pay giving them more income to support their family. He also wants to ensure that everyone gets paid sick time, and this should not be a temporary thing. People are sick and continuing going to work for fear of missing their paycheck.

Hilary adds that we need to fix the disadvantage that women face, because they certainly do not get the credit they deserve. “We can’t get through this without the millions risking their lives on the front line.”

Hillary is also worried about food supply and ensuring that everyone is getting nutritious food. Schools are closed down meaning there is no program for our children, she believes, “Our country as a whole needs to make a real commitment.” She feels for every mom worrying about feeding their kids and every grandmother who worries about an elder spouse of theirs. She proclaims how food needs to be at the top and the world’s money is going to the wrong people, “that is just shameful.” She adds how we need to fill in the blanks and streamline the process instead of cutting back the food stamps program when people need it the most, “For goodness sakes do not cut back the snap program.”

Joe strongly supports that we need to build a more middle class by increasing minimum wage and helping those in low income, “Equal Pay for Equal Work.” He plans to pass the Paycheck fairness act, these are “Basic, Basic Protections” that everyone should have, We always come back stronger, and that we will be in a better place once this is over. “We can do this.”

Hilary believes, “This is a moment of reckoning, and we are going to come back stronger.” She believes that people need to see and understand where the world’s money is  going, hopefully this will rebuild trust because she reinforces that “trust is what will hold a democracy together.” If you can’t believe what your leaders, press or what anyone says then we can’t all come together and face the problems we are facing.

She adds how most people would normally walk by the woman restocking a shelf or picking up trash, but now her job is essential and important for our survival. She decides that it is shameful how behind we are compared to the rest of the world. It is shameful how if someone is feeling sick or has someone sick in the home they continue going to work for fear of losing their job. She emphasises how we need to give more support to working families.

Hilary concludes that Joe is exactly the right person at the right time, she wants to recognize the leaders who are problem solvers and are humble enough to know that they don’t have all the answers. They are willing to listen to others to get help and move forward united.