Politicians At Home: Seth Moulton!

Elise Ravech, Writer

On a recent Zoom call students from all over the world were able to get a chance to talk with Congressman Seth Moulton and understand his viewpoints on certain scenarios!

Seth Moulton is a man with a very interesting background and great experiences at life. He is currently the Congressman for the sixth district of Massachusetts, the northeast corner of the state.

Seth goes into explaining how he did not see himself having this job when he got older, “I did not grow up studying or being interesting in politics.” He adds that it wasn’t until the Iraq War that he realized how important politics truly were, “I saw the consequences of failed leadership in Washington when I was on the grounds as an Infantry Officer.”

Seth came back and went to grad school in Boston, but ended up taking a job in Texas, “Which is not what you do if you are planning to run for office in Massachusetts.”

He explains how he was recruited by an organization that wanted Veterans to run for Congress. At first he was very hesitant because he “had a great job and was happy,” but the more he thought about he remembered what his former Corporate. It was then that he realized, “Congress is not gonna change if people with my background experience don’t step up and run.”

Seth ran in 2014 against an eighteen year encompant, he was unaware that in Massachusetts you aren’t supposed to do that. His message was very simple, “We need honest and authentic leadership, and we need to be willing to listen to people on all sides.” 

In 2016 when President Trump was elected, Seth realized that he need to be involved more politically. He set up an organization called Serve America which has in turn helped other veterans get more involved, he was really proud of the impact that his team and himself were able to make!

When asked why he ran for president, he goes into detail explaining how he believed it was the best way he would be able to serve his country. He is very glad that he did it, and has learned so much for the ups and downs of the experience. If he were to pick one favorite thing it would be how much he talked about Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) because he himself had struggled with it. He did think that talking about it publicly in politics would be a “death sentence in politics.” He still persevered and lead by example like the other Veterans in the world, making sure that as many people possible were aware how important mental health truly is.

He expands on how the response from speaking out is incredible and is currently working on a mental health or suicide hotline. Seth would like it to be 999, with three numbers, similarly if someone was to call the police in an emergency. Seth wants to call to be as easy as possible to make and available to all.

When dealing with Covid he explains that the leaderships skills he learned from being in the Military are absolutely helping him in today’s world. He says very quickly in the Military if you drop out of a run they will probably let you try again, if you fail a test they will let you retake it, but if you lie about anything you are gone that night; that’s how important integrity is to the Marine Corps. He believes that an honest leader is crucial during a time like this because “People need to know that they can trust what’s being said.”

He adds that often young people tend to believe Government doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t affect my life or even if it does I can’t change it but,“neither of those things are true.” In Iraq most of the guys were eighteen years, old making life or death decisions, “A tremendous decision for someone of that age.” However, he continues that there are even others supporting locally making decisions that will impact others life. He understands that, “Everyone can serve, you can find ways to help your country, your community, your neighborhood.” He encourages you to “find an opportunity to find yourself.”

He considers the most important aspect of his job is his ability to impact the lives of other people around him, “I am a true believer in public service, which is why I did four tours in Iraq even though I didn’t agree with the war.” He concludes with that idea of how being a public servant has been the most rewarding part of his life.

In addition an extra thank you to John Vitti, the founder of Headliners in Education! He is the one who gave us all this opportunity to talk with Councilman Seth!