Do FHS Students Approve of Joe Biden?

President Joe Biden is our nation’s new leader, but is he any good? FHS students seem to think so! We quickly interviewed four students about their opinions of what Biden has done for our country so far. Keep reading to hear their thoughts.

Joe Biden was sworn into office January 20, 2021. (Saul Loeb)

Molly Normandin, a junior, stated that “his new policies are great”. She also pointed out “the fact that he is willing to bring a lot of change is nice” and said that “it seems that he is prepared for anything coming his way”.

Many people were fed up with Donald Trump during his four years in office. (Justin Laurence)

Her friend, junior Aislinn Lavery, admitted that she “liked that as soon as he got into office, he started working on the COVID relief bill to help others out”

Biden immediately decided to sign an important bill providing aid to people with financial issues during the pandemic. (USA Today)

Tess Mollo, another junior, was in agreement with the two other girls. “He’s a good role model for everyone,” she added. 

Biden broke down barriers by having Kamala Harris become the first female VP this year. (Dina Litovsky)

“I like Joe Biden since he has already signed a lot of things to help the environment and fight for LGBTQ+ rights,” freshman Sam Alberti noted. “He’s fixing up the mess Trump left behind.”

Biden has proven to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. (Jim Riccioli)

All four interviewed students clearly support Biden, but four students is not the voice of the entire FHS community. What do you think of Biden? Is he just okay? Do you like him way more than Trump? Vote in the poll below!

What do you think of Joe Biden?


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