Order Local Take-Out to Support Project Enjoy and the Franklin Food Pantry


March Calendar – Project Envoy. Source: https://twitter.com/FranklinFoodPan?s=20

Leila Frankina, Writer

COVID-19 Impact on Local Restaurants

As COVID-19 rages on, it is clear the impact this pandemic holds on our community and local restaurants. With a sudden halt to public life, local restaurants have struggled to attract customers and keep their businesses alive. Despite best efforts, more than 4,000, or 22 percent, of the state’s restaurants permanently closed last year, according to the Massachusetts Restaurant Association. The ever-growing food insecurity rate also presents challenges to the Franklin Food Pantry who continues to face the rising demand in our community. With all of this in mind, The Interfaith Food Security Team joined forces with the Franklin Food Pantry and local restaurants here in our community to launch “Project Envoy” this February. 

About Project Envoy

Project Envoy Logo. Source: https://www.franklinfoodpantry.org/project-envoy/

The goal of Project Envoy is to support local restaurants during this pandemic as well as the Franklin Food Pantry. This is a community-driven project and anyone can participate. When ordering at local restaurants, they will donate a percentage of your purchase to the Franklin Food Pantry. Project Envoy launched on February 1st and continues up until April 30th. Here is the growing list of local restaurants participating so far:

  • Rome
  • Acapulcos
  • Intermission Cafe
  • Central Pizza
  • George’s Pizza
  • Dacey’s Market & Deli
  • Santa Fe
  • Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House
  • King Street Cafe
  • Spruce Pond Creamery
  • Franklin Pizza
  • Dacey’s Market & Deli
  • 360 Pizzeria

The Interfaith Food Security Team hopes this project will greatly benefit both the local restaurants and the Franklin Food Pantry. The members of this team represent many of the local churches including St. Mary’s Parish, St. John’s Episcopal, Temple Etz Chaim, the First Universalist Society in Franklin, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, and the Franklin Federated Church. One member of The Interfaith Food Security Team, Jane Fulton, expressed her thoughts on the project: “The Pandemic has hurt so many people right here in Franklin and we wanted to take an opportunity to help our restaurants who are overcoming restrictions and closures, as well as the over 1400 people who frequent The Franklin Food Pantry,” said Fulton. “Project Envoy is an important component of the community, business, and philanthropic partnership the Franklin Interfaith Food Security Team is looking to build. It’s our hope to achieve positive outcomes for all while supporting those in need.”

How To Participate

If you take a look at the calendar at the top of the page, specific restaurants are listed on certain days. By visiting these restaurants in person or by ordering take-out, they will donate a portion of their profits on their assigned day to The Franklin Food Pantry. There is no need to mention Project Envoy while ordering. When wondering what to do for dinner, consider ordering take-out to support these local restaurants and the Franklin Food Pantry. Keep your eye out for the April calendar and more restaurants in the future by visiting the Franklin Food Pantry’s social media page.