Alarming String of Franklin Car Break-Ins Remains Unsolved


Avery Chalk

To be on the safe side, remember to lock your house and car doors.

The town of Franklin is infamous for being consistently at the top of nationwide security statistics. Dubbed, “one of the safest places in America” by residents, Franklin’s reputation of being a small, secluded, town precedes it (despite having legal city status).

Recently however, a string of car break-ins have tainted that prestige. These petty thefts seem particularly alarming, not only because of Franklin’s harmless past, but also because of the sheer number of accidents. Four separate instances of break-ins have been recorded thus far, and only time will tell if that number will continue or grow.

The FPD urge residents to follow their social media platforms in order to stay up to date on town news. (Avery Chalk)

The Franklin Police Department stated that while conducted extensive investigations, they have not yet found those responsible. In the meantime, they urge Franklin residents to secure their valuables. Twitter has been their platform of choice for spreading awareness about these events and other preventative advice. If you want to stay updated, follow @franklinpolice!

Kelli Brent, a junior at FHS, finds it concerning that more people aren’t taking the necessary precautions to keep their belongings safe. She says she “locks her car every night”, as well as “her front door” to prevent any thievery. It never hurts to take the extra time – just in case.

According to Neighborhood Scout, Franklin is safer than 96% of other U.S cities. (Avery Chalk)

Other Massachusetts towns have also been experiencing theft. Bellingham and Milford, for instance, are currently searching for the people behind almost two dozen collective break-ins. While Franklin is not yet near that level of seriousness, the crime trends of surrounding communities may foreshadow Franklin’s future.

Members of “All About Franklin Mass,” a popular residential Facebook group, have already been discussing ways to collectively prohibit more infractions. Neighborhood watch parties are one idea, but the present consensus is that the accidents aren’t serious enough to warrant such a response. Future plans may be made, however, if transgressions continue.

While not the most threatening, these break-ins have illuminated faults in Franklin’s careless mindset when it comes to safety. While we are far from the bustling, precarious nature of Boston or New York City, it is nevertheless important to remain vigilant in order to protect yourself (and your belongings) within even the most clean-handed of communities