Local Senior Center is Hiring

Local Senior Center is Hiring

Julia Payne, Writer

At a young age, it is often difficult to find a part time job. Luckily, for anyone 15+, Magnolia Heights is hiring now.

Magnolia Heights is a senior living community in Franklin Mass just off of Aspen Way and E Central Street. They have part-time and full-time jobs available, including housekeeper/servers, kitchen helpers, and many others. Some tasks a kitchen helper will be asked to do are: go around the dining room and ask the seniors what they want to eat, report back to the chef, and serve the food. 

Franklin High School sophomore student Noila Maksudiy enjoys working at Magnolia Heights. 

Noila said: “The working environment there is very friendly and everyone’s nice.

At Magnolia, there are two hour shifts and workers can pick whether they want to work breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Noila said: “On weekdays obviously you can only do dinner, but on weekends you can choose which meal to work. You can also spend time choosing how many days you want to work in a week.” 

Noila says her work hours are manageable and the seniors appreciate the work she does. 

According to salary.com, part-time servers make about $24.38 to $32.33. According to wayup.com, one can apply by submitting their resume to [email protected].

If anyone 15 and older is looking for an easy way to earn spending money, pay Magnolia Heights a visit.