Art Sale Fundraiser Coming to FHS – The SAGA Perspective

Bruce Warren, Writer

SAGA, Girl Up, and Diversity Awareness Club are holding a fundraiser where they’ll be selling art here at Franklin High School.

The goal of the clubs’ fundraiser is to raise money for what was described by sophomore Sydney Lincourt, the president of SAGA, as a smaller local charity. The exact charity the clubs are raising money for has not been decided on yet.

The members of SAGA club are going to be selling things such as pins, drawings, paintings, and possibly some crochet and jewelry. The art being sold by SAGA is made by the members at SAGA, and most of it is made at the meetings held every Monday. Lincourt disclosed that some local small businesses may also be helping with the fund raiser.

SAGA Vice President Ash Montani making pins to be sold in the fundraiser

The fundraiser is planned to take place in mid to late March in the cafeteria of FHS. The exact dates for the start and end of the fundraiser have not been decided yet. Lincourt said that the fundraiser will last for about four days.

SAGA President Sydney Lincourt making pins that are to be sold in the fundraiser

The cost of the art being sold has not yet been determined. Additionally, what the two other clubs involved, Diversity Awareness and Girl Up, are selling is unknown to the members of SAGA.