Ski Season Comes To A Close

Ski Season Comes To A Close

Ashton T., Writer

Attention Skiers and Boarders: as soon as early April, ski season will be coming to a close in Massachusetts due to the ever-increasing temperatures that are a side effect of the impending summer.

Along with skiing and boarding, other sports are going out of season as well, including tubing, playing in the snow, and snowshoeing. The whole line of ’em are coming to a screeching halt as the world warms up.

If you’re still looking for some thrills, and are open to traveling across the country, some larger resorts in Colorado and California are looking to still allow adventurers up into the peaks all the way into early July, despite the super-hot temperatures that coax most ski mountains to close down.

If you still want to travel out to the mountains even if you can’t ski/board, some ski resorts have set up downhill mountain bike parks and amazing zip lines for the summer so that you can have mountain fun all year long.

Skiers and boarders can also try other popular summer sports like spike ball, soccer, and football. You could also just go take a walk with your friends or do something that can get you out of the house while you wait until next winter season when we can start up the real fun again.

Good luck skiers and boarders, go have some summer fun.