He’s Not Just Telling Stories, He’s Ruining Lives


Devin Curley

The working conditions for the employees of Dhar Mann have many reevaluting their viewing choices. photo by Devin Curley.

Devin Curley, Writer

Popular YouTube creator, Dhar Mann has been called out for mistreating his actors, causing some of them to go on strike February 6. 

These actors claimed that they were severely underpaid and working in awful conditions, and if they tried to bring up any issue at all, their job would be on the line. 

Dhar Mann is most well known for creating educational skits about real life issues in hopes to bring light to them. These videos cover a wide range of topics including foster care, size inclusivity, and mental health awareness, to name a few. 

These videos are widely popular with Gen-Z, but not because of their message. Many people actually make fun of the videos for coming across as “cringy.” When Eden Donovan, a sophomore here at Franklin High, was asked about how often she watches these videos, she said that she only really watches them when clips of them come across her TikTok For You page. She also revealed that she doesn’t think the messages in the videos really impact her that much.

Popular Dhar Mann actor, Michael Vaccaro, shared a first hand account of his experiences in a self-written article, published on WEHO Times. In this, he reveals that if actors asked for a raise, they would mysteriously disappear and not return; no matter how popular they were on the channel.

Vaccaro also says that when he started at the beginning of the pandemic, he was being paid $33 for the hour he worked. Two years later, he regularly appeared on the channel, best known for playing the mean old white guy, and was only being paid $88 for the hours he worked. What was Dhar Mann doing in the meantime?…Buying a new  home. 

Now, you are probably wondering, why would a man who creates these kinds of videos act in this way? Donovan was just as stumped. She shared that she thinks that it is strange that he is treating his actors this way.

As of right now, some of Dhar Mann’s actors are standing by his side through all the controversy. Those who went on strike? They received an email which told them that they wouldn’t be needed at Dhar Mann Studios any longer. They were also faced with lawsuit threats, cease and desist letters, and defamation of character on social media. 

Where do you stand on the Dhar Mann controversy? Would you still be a part of the Dhar Mann Fam after this?