Underclassmen Can’t Get Bagels?


Kendra Cygielnik

A few months ago, the café was reintroduced to the library with french toast, everything, and plain bagels as well as pre-made salads.

On February 1, 2023 Mr, Hanna announced that underclassmen are no longer allowed to purchase food from the cafe in the library. On a half day, students had to go to the auditorium for a class meeting. Students were then outraged to find out they could no longer purchase food such as bagels, salads, and other treats.

Kids are still trying to get bagels from the cafe and say that it’s “unfair” that they can’t enjoy the food the school has to offer. Students are wondering why they can’t get them, especially if they have to pay for them anyways. The school now has to have monitors in the library kicking out underclassmen if they try and buy the food. 

Students are now wondering if they will ever be able to purchase it again, or if they have to wait till their senior year.