Itslearning Better Then Edline?

Sam Stratton


 FHS has switched over from Edline to our new website Itslearning. 

As of this year we have switched from our beloved Edline to Itslearning. Both these websites are somewhat similar but Itslearning appears to have more effects. Not only on this new site can you access your current grades but it has also allowed teachers to be able to put in assignments. Now instead of having multiple links posted and scrambling to find where your homework is you can simply go onto your teacher’s page and click whatever is necessary for your homework.

Last year a lot of teachers only updated their Edline just for grades and usually nothing more. Itslearning seems to be more appealing to students with its welcoming blue background and easy navigation. Teachers have actually been using it to update homework. Did you know that when you click onto a class you can check who is in your class by just clicking participants? Also when you sign on you can send a message to any of your friends that are on. It’s almost like an instant messaging system in your account!

One of the differences with not having Edline is that along with Itslearning we will have a new grade viewing system. Yes it’s on Itslearning but it is connected with a link called “Aspen– Check Grades.” When clicking this screen it leads you another page where you will soon be able to access your term grades. This will be very helpful for students so they will know what they must do to improve their grades.