What’s Hot/Not in FHS

Queen B, Queen B, and Queen B

FranklinHigh Schoolmade two main changes this year. It changed its’ class schedule and its’ school lunch menu from the one a year before. The classes now are much longer than they used to be. After lunch period, students have only one class to go, while there used to be two more classes to go. In terms of lunches, FHS cafeteria provides completely new lunches from those of a year before meals. The cafeteria now serves tacos, chicken palm, chicken pad and pizza.  

            It has been almost a month since school opened. They are so many big changes that are happening in the school. Two of the biggest changes are first the new class schedule that consists of only five long periods a day with only one class left after lunch. The second big change is the new lunch menus in FHS. In terms of foodFranklinHigh School, students cannot stop talking about the new school lunches. “incredible” says Maddie Gordon, one of the most passionate students when it comes to lunch in school.  I, Queen B. FHS’s news reporter had a chance to interview few students to get their opinion of the new lunches in FHS. Most of the interviewed students cold not express their feelings enough of how amazing the lunches are. When I asked the students what was their favorite lunch in school? Tacos got the most votes.

            In addition I interviewed them about the new schedule in FHS. Students say that although the classes are too long, the new schedule makes the day go way faster. Most interviewed students are pleased by the new class schedule.

            However, not all is well in FHS. You might think if the lunches are great, then what is the complains? Well, most interviewed students could not stop commenting about the short amount of time to get back to their classes after lunch.

            When I asked the students what was the one thing that they would change about the lunch period, they did not hesitate to answer that they need more time between lunches to get back to class.

In terms of the class schedule, “it is perfect” … said it proudly.