Locker Trouble?

Samantha Stratton

The High School lockers have many problems but do they affect student use?

Some of the lockers at school are old and worn out. Alot of the main problems with the lockers  are that some of them have been kicked in making certain lockers unusable for students. With this problem the lockers simply won’t open. Some lockers, especially the ones in P wing squeak when you open it. It’s not just a small squeak some of them are very loud and obnoxious.

Having a locker near the front of the school can be very inconvenient if you have no classes near it. A lot of the lockers get stuck and students have a hard time opening them and this sometimes causing them being late to class. There are times when the actual lock on the locker gets stuck and it won’t turn.

Despite all of this the lockers aren’t all bad there are some good things about them. It is great that we can have our own lockers and not have to share with other student like when we were younger. It gives us more of a freedom to decorate the lockers the way we want, or not decorate them at all. The lockers are pretty spacious and you can fit all of your school books and items in it.

Since we are not getting a new school soon we should at least get new lockers where they are needed!