Bringing Gym Back

Jack Corsi

I remember it like it was yesterday, playing floor hockey during gym class with sophomores and other freshman while listening to the announcing of the legendary Coach P. Well that memory can only be a memory because we no longer have the beloved required gym period that you would experience every other day. Instead we have classes like team sports, speed and strength and a gym class that meets once a week if that. Gym is a beloved part of high school for most and needs to be brought back.

All across our country you hear about people talking about childhood obesity, and how our country is becoming the most out of shape in the world. But instead of having a required gym class for our students we see revisions in thing like school lunches. If our country and our school district is so worried about things like obesity, then why don’t we have a gym class?

Like earlier stated we have a Team Sports class and a Speed and Strength class, both predominantly all male classes. But still you see most students out there not getting the physical activity that they need. That’s why gym needs to be brought back. You always hear that the Town of Franklin has some of the best athletes. But soon we will not be able to say that because of how out of shape our student body is becoming. We either need to bring back gym class or make some more revision to get our students more active.