Should the classroom rules be modified?

Ashley Danello

Is it fair that most teacher’s aren’t allowing students to listen to ipods, eat, drink, leave the classroom, or even chew gum? Each year these rules that state what can/can’t happen in the classroom’s are changed.

Most student’s can work better when listening to their music and getting into the “zone”. Others aren’t able to sit still and have to move around but they’ve now been given a specific rule to try not to leave the classroom. Most people feel that eating and drinking liquids other than water in the classroom should be allowed. There are teacher’s that don’t even allow a simple morning coffee at the students’ desks. Is it time for all of this rule changing to stop?

Well I say yes. Being a student that falls under almost all of these situations; can’t sit still, getting in the “zone”, and re-energizing with drinks and food, I need to be entertained. Yes we are here to learn but how is the focus supposed to stay with a person for six hours each day if they’re not energized or kept busy. Being given loads of homework and classwork doesn’t apply to my point about always doing work. Sometimes a short bathroom trip is needed, or a cup of coffee in the morning to wake myself up. Or even the breakfast I’d be forced to inhale during the car ride to school, for once it would be nice to sit down, relax, and get my school work done.

Often times it helps a person focus just a little bit better if they’re chewing a nice piece of minty gum. Basically what is trying to be said here, is its time  to maybe bend the rules a little bit and give the students a little bit more of their freedom back. Let us chew our gum, drink our coffee, eat our snacks, and get up and stretch. It would be awfully difficult for a teacher to do their job if they were given the same rules students were.


What do you think? Should students have their classroom freedom back?