School Sanction Concerts

Jack Corsi

Over the last few years we have seen acts like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa grace Boston with their musical stylings.  We have seen concerts like 311, The Offspring and Sublime grace us with their presence at the Comcast Center. Just imagine a band with some relevance coming to play at our high school. How awesome would that be to see J Cole or Blink 182 come to school.

As awesome as that would be their would be certain limitations to these school sanctioned concerts. Perhaps the songs would be censored by the school’s administration if they involve high levels of profanity. Another limitation would be the time limit some concerts can go on for 5 to 6 hours. With this, the school may have to limit the concerts to 2 to 3 hours long. But these limitations would also lead to many different up sides.

We have seen some of our fellow students get into trouble at the venues of these concerts. With school sanctioned concerts, the amount of mischief could decreased rapidly. We see many of our schools athletes getting in trouble at concerts outside of our town and receiving social suspensions. With events like these, then it would be much easier to stay out of trouble. But a major defining thing for these concerts would be funding.

For these concerts to happen they would have to be properly funded. No band with any relevance in our popular culture will come to our school for free. We would have to do some types of fund raisers and other charity work to try to get them to come. We could also show our support by promoting their product all throughout our school. We could really show that our schools spirit is alive and well, that with them coming to our halls will produce a roaring crowd.

Will these concerts ever happen? Maybe, maybe not, only time will tell if our students will demand events like these. Jimmy Henchy, a junior said “How cool would it be if I were able to tell my kids that a recording artist came to my high school. That would be just amazing.” Another junior Chris Johnson as well stated “Concerts and our school would be a great combination. I would definitely attend one of these concerts.”

The dreams came true for Franklin High School students back in the day, when Aerosmith came to the halls of Franklin High School. The band even though they were not yet famous, were a hit at the school. We all know who Aerosmith is today and how popular they were and still are.

Imagine if a band from our own town played in front of our school and got noticed. A student led band like 3BC or The Essentials could play at our school and possibly get noticed by someone in the music industry. Matt Zajac, a sophmore and the drummer of 3BC said “We have done concerts outside of school, but if we actually got to play at our school, in the field house or the lecture hall would be a great way for students to hear our band’s music.” The funds from these concerts could also go to the Music program as well, this could help make our music program one of the best in the state.