Cafeteria Conundrum

Laura Cafasso

It is a typical day at Franklin High School. The first period drags on, then you are in disbelief when you realize its only second period, and so on. Finally, the aromas of paninis and pizza crowd the empty halls, and your feet start tap dancing under your desk. It’s lunch period! But wait, when you arrive, there are tables without chairs, and your friends are all crammed like sardines at one tiny table. Oh the stress and frustration of lunchtime.

So what improvements can we make? Well this reporter feels that we should certainly add more circle tables, and add extra chairs in case there is a circumstance where we run out. So what becomes of the long tables? Well let’s just say, they are not widely acclaimed. “I hate the rectangular tables. I hate them,” says one annoyed student, sophomore Emily Delucia. “They’re too low, and they’re uncool.” And she is not the only negative opinion of the long tables. Many students, like Lippee Vora think we should have more circular tables because it is “easier to talk to everyone.”

So one of the main reasons why lunchtime is so hectic and crowded, is because the long tables are unfavorable to Franklin High School students. With many kids opting for more tables of the circle variety and even “bigger round tables” according to Dan Rogers, it seems that circle tables are more desired, and should be implimented. A possible solution to this growing problem could be transferring the rest of the long tables outside, for more springtime outdoor seating, and adding more circle tables? Whatever the decision may be, FHS students are not happy with the seating situations at lunch.