New schedule, more homework?

Alicia Kutil

Although there are many perks to the new schedule here at Franklin High School such as the ever need directed study, are teachers taking advantage of dropping classes, and assigning more homework due to an extra night to complete the homework?!

In many cases yes. Teachers realize that when their class is dropped the next day, this gives students an extra day to complete their homework, but are they assigning too much?!

Just because a class is dropped does not mean more homework should be assigned! Most of the time, students do their homework that is due the next day, and leave their homework that is not due the next day to do the next night. Therefore, there is ALWAYS a enough homework to do in one night. Assigning more homework than they would last year, teachers are causing students to stress out about getting homework done on time and efficiently.

On top of homework is studying obviously. With teachers assigning more homework, it leaves a lot less time to study. Especially for those students at FHS who are involved in after school activities such as clubs, bands, and sports. These students don’t get home till later in the afternoon still having to complete all of their homework AND leave time for studying before they go to bed. After an exhausting day, no student wants to have to stay up late to finish studying, leaving the students having barely studying at all. This sadly, results in poor test scores.

Teachers need to understand that just because there is a new schedule, does not mean that students have more time for homework. If anything we have less time for homework! If teachers want to see improving test scores, they might want to consider the homework load they are giving students before their class is dropped the next day.