Outdated Technology

Corey Flynn

Basically all of the computer labs in the school use outdated software on old computers. The only place in the school that features newer technology in the school is in K wing in the video production and sound recording room. They have all new Macs with updated technology. I’m not saying the school should go out and buy all new Macs or even all new computers but they should at least update some of the software. Some of the programs such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, basically all of the Microsoft office programs and Internet Explorer are outdated.

It’s important because some students have issues opening some programs at there house or in school. I see it all the time someone tries to open a file at school and it cannot open because the school does not have the correct software or vise versa. Obviously it’s expensive to purchase these new programs and the school has a tight budget but these programs are vital to us as students. Also sometimes theses programs run slow or have problems opening which can be extremely frustrating.

The school could try to have a fundraiser or find some other way to raise some extra money. They need to find a way to get us updated so we do not fall behind in the technology world. It would be really beneficial to students and teachers if the school could find a way to update our school’s technology.