Twitter, The New Facebook?

Alicia Kutil

In the past couple weeks, Twitter seems to be far more popular than the legendary Facebook.

One of the reasons could be that school systems have blocked Facebook and not Twitter. Students are able to access Twitter on their iPhones and on the school computers. Teenagers feel more free and can be more creative on their twitter accounts including popular tags and crazy tweets.

Twitter is so accessible to anyone that technology has allowed us to tweet in the moment. Also, almost all celebrities have twitters allowing their many many fans to follow them and get the inside scoop on what is going on in their life, something facebook doesn’t allow. Facebook is almost too personal, which is one of the reason why many celebrities do not have one or do not accept their fan requests. However, twitter is not as personal allowing celebrities to allow their fans to follow them and giving them the gossip they want and need!

Another benefit of twitter is that companies and organizations can have one which can help them inform their workers, visitors or volunteers about new information, ideas and upcoming events!

More and more people seem to be getting twitter accounts everyday, even more than facebook! Will twitter users keep and maintain their facebook accounts, or will twitter lead them to abandon their soon to be “old” profiles? I sure think that Twitter will soon override facebook, and instead of constant status updates there will be constant “tweeting”.