All aboard the Cain Train…

Sean McKeown and Sean McKeown

Herman Cain, GOP presidential candidate, is number one in the latest CBS/New York Times survey. The former pizza executive has made an explosion in the recent weeks. Will his 9-9-9 plan carry him to victory, or is the Cain Train letting off in a few weeks?

From the recent trends in public opinion, it looks like he may be the flavor of the week for all the GOP that doesn’t want Romney for president. First it was Bachmann, and then it was Perry, after that was Christie, and now it’s Cain. It looks like there are a lot of Republicans that don’t like Mitt Romney, but they can’t find the right candidate to represent them.

One thing going for Cain is that he has brought some interesting ideas foreword that other candidates (except Gov. Gary Johnson) won’t speak about, namely, taxes. He is the first candidate to really make it a discussion point.

The plan that he calls the 9-9-9 plan or what is now considered the 9-0-9 plan, is a new system that addresses the huge mess with the tax code. It attempts to simplify the complex. The idea sounds good right off the bat, but it’s not.

The idea is that there will be a 9% tax at three levels; business revenue, personal income, and sales. The whole idea of the 9-9-9 plan is to have a mid-step to transition to the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax, being a tax on consumption, is the simplest and most effective tax that our country could implement. It’s also, as the name says, fair because nobody is exempt, even if you are an illegal immigrant.

Herman Cain has become shy in standing up against the status quo and that’s why he created the 9-9-9 plan. Why would congress, after all the stress of changing to the 9-9-9 plan, want to go through all that again in implementing the Fair Tax? They wouldn’t!

What would work is becoming an unapologetic advocate of the Fair Tax. With his support from the Tea Party and continuing the push against the federal tax code, he may be able to stay as a top contender. Unfortunately, as he continues changing his own ideas, people will become unsure of whether to trust him.

Lastly, the federal tax system is tens of thousands of pages long… Who would ever read that? Has anybody actually read the whole thing? That’s doubtful. Creating something that the people can understand is a MUST.  Bravo to Cain for making it mainstream…

Ps. if anyone is inclined to find out more information about the Fair Tax, just go to They have everything you need to know and more.  Also, this probably won’t be the last time you hear me mention it either because it is a damn good idea.