Pooja Agarwal

Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming!  Are you ready?  The holiday where you get free candy for dressing up in ridiculous costumes, and just having fun is just next Monday!  Although it is not as popular to go trick or treating in high school, it’s also the time for Halloween parties, watching scary movies, and eating lots of candy.  Halloween parties usually vary from the most common, costume parties to haunted house themed parties.  Whatever theme they have, when isn’t it fun to just go party with all your friends and take a break from school, work, and even college applications?

Scary movies are an essential part of Halloween too!  From classics like “Ghostbusters” to newer movies like “Paranormal  Activity”, it’s never a better time of the year to scream from horror while watching your favorite spooky movies.  Brianna Bailey’s favorite part of watching frightening movies is, “the suspense that takes your breath away and the gore and violence that is at a different level compared to other genres.”

Last, but definitely not least, is candy!  Candy is arguably the general favorite part of Halloween.  At the end of the night, many people are full of sugary treats that they got for the small price of ringing their neighbors doors while wearing a costume.   As Kim Withers, also a freshman talked  about the prospect of candy this year she exclaimed, “I love candy! I hope I get a lot this year!  Twix is my favorite.”

Freshman Kelly Reading summarizes her Halloween experience, “Halloween is my favorite holiday, I always dress up, but my favorite part is being able to scare others and get scared!”

Post your thoughts below, what are you doing for Halloween this year?