No More Class Day?

Paige Hardy

Class day is when underclassmen and faculty honor the seniors for what they have accomplished. In the past, students have either been dismissed or skipped class day. I have attended class day for three years and I think it’s great to honor the seniors, but it takes too long to get through. You will hear speeches from the principal, class advisers, class secretary and treasurer.  Then,  you will see a series of videos and pictures of the graduating class. When you’re sitting on the bleachers two hours seems like forever.

Seniors in previous years have always had a barbecue before class day but this year the Seniors of 2012 are thinking of not having class day at all. It is such a pain rushing from the barbecue all the way back to the field house. Why not just stay outside for the entire day?  It’s a time to relax, play games,  and spend time with your friends.