Occupy Protests:Something Worth Fighting For

Jack Corsi

Over the past few weeks, we have seen all over the national news and the local news about the Occupy protests. The series of protests were initiated by a group of Canadian activists, by the name of the AdBusters. Causes of these protests are economic and social inequity and corporate influence over the government.  The protests involve non-violent acts such as picketing, social disobedience, and occupation.  The protests, originally began on September 17 on Wall Street, and since then have had a significant increase in locations. Two of those being somewhat local in Boston and Providence.

These protests have also an increase in another thing, that being police brutality. We have seen throughout the news of protests being liberated and beaten by police. One victim from the Oakland protests happened to be an ex-marine. Scott Oleson, an Iraq War veteran was struck in the head by a police projectile and is now in critical condition. Protestors have now rallied around the injured Oleson, he has become a symbol for these protests.

I understand that force is needed when dealing with protestors and what they have to offer. But when an ex-marine is critically hurt by police in Oakland and the protestors trying to help him are hit by a “flash” grenade are hurt, that’s where the line is crossed. The police need to take it down a notch, instead of using brute force, they should either arrest them or take them into custody. This may cause backlash, but that would be an appropriate time for force, but not force that is over the limit.